Who was the secret proposer?

Hello, everyone.
How are you doing?
Today Osaka Japan is raining.
Soon, we will have rainy season for a month. All the clothes are hard to get dried.
But we will have very hot and humid summer after that.
Japan has 4 seasons.
How about your country? Do you like summer?

Today I introduce this proposal flash mob movie from summer in 2015.
This is one of unforgettable flash mob for Emotion Rise.

This man who is proposing in this movie and his girlfriend were member of Emotion Rise and they are still!!

After this flash mob, they happily get married and still together.

This man has experiences to work theme parks and several places in Japan such as a dancer, Juggler, actor and MC.
This girlfriend is working in Emotion Rise as dancer and MC.
Yes, they have met each other in Emotion Rise and this man choose Emotion Rise to organize his proposal surprise.

It was kind of hard to organize it for this man because it has be kept in secret for this girlfriend at least they work in same company.

Please watch how it goes and enjoy it!!

On the day of the third year anniversary of "AMARANTI" near Osaka Station Lucua, we were more than happy to do such a memorable Wedding Proposal Flash mob . This year, "AMARANTI" celebrates it's forth year anniversary and we have done another Flash Mob ! With much support from many well known artists in Osaka, " Singer " Kazuyo who was the target in last years flashmob , "Band" Real Groove, " Belly Dancers " Ikeda Michiru, Shino and various cast members. Everyone together created a heart touching Proposal flash mob . The most surprising fact in this flash mob is that some of the cast members thought it was a staff from the AMARANTI who would propose !! Who was the secret proposer? As it was a very humid day with bad conditions of rain, the flash mob brought an extremely amount of excitement that heated up the place even more!! It is a must to see the last scene. Enjoy!!

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