A Japanese singer active overseas.

We produce not only performance parts such as dance and juggling, but also our songs are original by our company.
This time I will introduce Japanese professional singer, Watari Azusa.

She also has a track record in charge of theme songs and insert songs in the Japanese screening version of the popular Chinese movie "Saiyuki Heroes Is Back" in 2018.

She and such company with such a brilliant achievement carried out the flash mob in 2016 using the original song "WeddingDay" in the form of tie-up.

There are many people who wish to use this song by getting popularity not only from Japan but also from people from many countries.

In addition, we and her have awareness especially in the Asian region, and also appeared in Hong Kong TV program in March.

We will deliver various collaborations and important memories in a form that can only be handled by our company.

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