Who was the secret proposer?

Hello, everyone.
How are you doing?
Today Osaka Japan is raining.
Soon, we will have rainy season for a month. All the clothes are hard to get dried.
But we will have very hot and humid summer after that.
Japan has 4 seasons.
How about your country? Do you like summer?

Today I introduce this proposal flash mob movie from summer in 2015.
This is one of unforgettable flash mob for Emotion Rise.

This man who is proposing in this movie and his girlfriend were member of Emotion Rise and they are still!!

After this flash mob, they happily get married and still together.

This man has experiences to work theme parks and several places in Japan such as a dancer, Juggler, actor and MC.
This girlfriend is working in Emotion Rise as dancer and MC.
Yes, they have met each other in Emotion Rise and this man choose Emotion Rise to organize his proposal surprise.

It was kind of hard to organize it for this man because it has be kept in secret for this girlfriend at least they work in same company.

Please watch how it goes and enjoy it!!

On the day of the third year anniversary of "AMARANTI" near Osaka Station Lucua, we were more than happy to do such a memorable Wedding Proposal Flash mob . This year, "AMARANTI" celebrates it's forth year anniversary and we have done another Flash Mob ! With much support from many well known artists in Osaka, " Singer " Kazuyo who was the target in last years flashmob , "Band" Real Groove, " Belly Dancers " Ikeda Michiru, Shino and various cast members. Everyone together created a heart touching Proposal flash mob . The most surprising fact in this flash mob is that some of the cast members thought it was a staff from the AMARANTI who would propose !! Who was the secret proposer? As it was a very humid day with bad conditions of rain, the flash mob brought an extremely amount of excitement that heated up the place even more!! It is a must to see the last scene. Enjoy!!

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Appreciate to receive orders from many countries

Do you want to organize something special event while you are traveling Japan?

Emotion Rise can make it!
To your partner, friend, family, any special people of you.
We have English speaking staff so please feel free to contact us.
Any questions are available.

We are providing surprise flash mob and have number of professional performers as dancers, actors, juggler, baton twirling performers, acrobat performers and more.

Already, we have experience of receiving orders and inquiries from several countries as USA, Australia, Mexico, Romania, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Israel, and more..!

If you are interested in us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

EMOTION RISE http://www.emotionrise.com/travel/ One day, this girl was visiting Abeno Harukas Mall Osaka with her best friend from Shanghai China. Unexpectedly, they found China Travel Fair. They were surprised that this fair was introducing their home city and they decided to take a look such a event. Many dancers started to perform... At next moment, the girl was even surprised more because there is her boyfriend in front of her! He supposed be in China!! This is like a moment in some movie or TV drama but it happened for real!! "Why are you here??" Do you want to make your amazing life more like miracle? Please let us to help you!! Song: "Everything About You" by One Direction

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Surprised happy in Japan Osaka trip!

Hi everyone.
Until now, requests from overseas were Taiwan, Hong Kong, Romania, Shanghai, Australia and so on. The most frequent requests and inquiries are mainly in the Asian region.
Most people aim at wedding proposals for girlfriends, but some also have memories on a small surprise while traveling.
Among lots of things, this is what is open to the public.

【From Romania】Surprise flashmob present for girlfriend on
trip in Japan created in 48 hours!

One day, we received a phone call from other country.
Saying he wanted to propose tomorrow.
The inquiry was from a Japan loving romanian guy who wanted to propose during their trip to Japan and impress her girlfriend.
We were struck by his passion and immediately call out the cast.
We run to find the perfect place and made the dance routine for the plan.
But suddenly, we lost contact with him at the last minute.
The plan was to start 5pm yet it was 7pm already and we can't find him anywhere.
It was getting really dark and all the casts and staffs are worried....

Was the flash mob really carried out?


A Japanese singer active overseas.

We produce not only performance parts such as dance and juggling, but also our songs are original by our company.
This time I will introduce Japanese professional singer, Watari Azusa.

She also has a track record in charge of theme songs and insert songs in the Japanese screening version of the popular Chinese movie "Saiyuki Heroes Is Back" in 2018.

She and such company with such a brilliant achievement carried out the flash mob in 2016 using the original song "WeddingDay" in the form of tie-up.

There are many people who wish to use this song by getting popularity not only from Japan but also from people from many countries.

In addition, we and her have awareness especially in the Asian region, and also appeared in Hong Kong TV program in March.

We will deliver various collaborations and important memories in a form that can only be handled by our company.

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It's to Japan from Hong Kong and made a proposal.

Thankfully, Emotion Rise is becomming popular even from overseas!This young kind man is from Hong Kong again!This couple joined to Japan Travel Tour, visiting Tenpozan Market Place Osaka and taking the ferris wheel to watch beautiful Night View.When they were visiting show stage in the Market, a dance performance was just begun but it was actually a gift from this boyfriend...!Marriage proposal from the boyfriend to the girlfriendin the middle of the stage!

This is very heart touching flash mob and pleas don't miss it!! Song: "Marry You" by Bruno MarsSuppoted: Tenpozan Market Place Kaiyukan OsakaJapan

You must check out his lovely wedding proposal !


The second performer is "Juggler."

We have number of different kind of performers.
Today, I'm going to introduce "juggler."

At very begging of the YouTube video bellow, one of our juggler is performing.
He can use several kinds of tools such as devil sticks, diabolo, bools, balloons and many other tools.

He performs at not only flash mob but theme park, Pleasure boat, shopping malls, and lots of other kinds of event.

We prefers to offer this cast because his performance is great.
"Great" doesn't only mean he has high skills but his performance is full of happiness.

You may can order juggling performer if you want for your flash mob!

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from Hong Kong !!! Victoria Justice " Make It Shine "

from Hong Kong !!! Victoria Justice " Make It Shine "

This time, we received a request from over seas! Hong Kong ! A wonderful flash mob marriage proposal was performed in the tallest building in Japan, Abeno Harukas Observatory, during the couple was visiting here in Japan from Hong Kong . Thankfully, this flash mob was organized because he was very impressed by one of our work and he decided to make his proposal with Emotion Rise . The scenario begins that 3 couples were picked up as having their anniversary on the Christmas, and a group of people played the hand bells performance for them. In the middle of it, a girl in the group droped her bell . the song was kept on and the girl dancers followed... The guy made a great effort and spent much time to practice for his girlfriend even though he is not good at dancing. Besides, he had a difficulty of languages and it was on a tight schedules, too. You must check out his lovely wedding proposal !

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