Appreciate to receive orders from many countries

Do you want to organize something special event while you are traveling Japan?

Emotion Rise can make it!
To your partner, friend, family, any special people of you.
We have English speaking staff so please feel free to contact us.
Any questions are available.

We are providing surprise flash mob and have number of professional performers as dancers, actors, juggler, baton twirling performers, acrobat performers and more.

Already, we have experience of receiving orders and inquiries from several countries as USA, Australia, Mexico, Romania, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Israel, and more..!

If you are interested in us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

EMOTION RISE One day, this girl was visiting Abeno Harukas Mall Osaka with her best friend from Shanghai China. Unexpectedly, they found China Travel Fair. They were surprised that this fair was introducing their home city and they decided to take a look such a event. Many dancers started to perform... At next moment, the girl was even surprised more because there is her boyfriend in front of her! He supposed be in China!! This is like a moment in some movie or TV drama but it happened for real!! "Why are you here??" Do you want to make your amazing life more like miracle? Please let us to help you!! Song: "Everything About You" by One Direction

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