Flashmob marriage proposal from Hong Kong !!! Victoria Justice " Make It Shine "

Hi everyone.
The video I will introduce today is a heartwarming marriage story of a couple who came to Japan from Hong Kong.
They visited the sightseeing spot of Osaka, the Abeno Harukas Observatory.
There, events are held in the Christmas season.
And from here.
This time, we received a request from over seas! Hong Kong !
A wonderful flashmob marriage proposal was performed in the tallest building in Japan, Abeno Harukas Observatory, during the couple was visitting here in Japan from Hong Kong .

Thankfully, this flashmob was organized because he was very impressed by one of our work and he decided to make his proposal with Emotion Rise .

The scenario begins that 3 couples were picked up as having their anniversary on the Christmas, and a group of people play the hand bells performance for them. In the middle of it, a girl in the group drops her bell .

the song is on and the girl dancers follow...

The guy made a great effort and spent much time to practice for his girlfriend even though he is not good at dancing.
Besides, he had a difficulty of languages and it was on a tight schedules, too.

You must check out his lovely wedding proposal !

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